David Spence's Cancer Fund

"My goal is not just to effectively give money to these charities and people but also to give of myself in the most humane way possible.” - David Spence

“Huge infusion of energy.”

“You’ve really been a huge infusion of energy and ambition to us, helping us to focus on becoming a “real” organization in the sustainable sense and encouraging us in our mission.”

- Stephanie Koreleski, President and Founder, A Time To Heal

“Your donation was beyond our imaginations.”

“Sharing your personal story with our campers and staff has been very inspiring. Your most recent donation of Mermaid Pillows for our 170 campers in was beyond our imaginations."

- Berta Ackerson, Executive Director, Camp CoHoLo


“It was actually difficult to adequately put in words what all your funds have done for our patients/families to provide a place of support and encouragement through the transplant luncheon. It has been immeasurable! David, you have taken such a difficult experience in life and have used it as a catalyst to bring immense blessings to others!”

-Jody O’Doherty, UNMC Oncology Social Worker


“Valued partner in model of compassion...”

“The Cancer Fund has been a valued partner in our model of compassionate patient care and our landmark research efforts.”

- Tom Thompson, Director of Development, UNMC Buffet Cancer Center

“Serene place for families...”

“This year through his various and creatively crafted contributions, we have been able to provide a serene place for families.”

- Lindsey Rai Reasner, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Omaha


“$10,000 was matched...”

“The Cancer Fund issued it as a challenge gift, so the $10,000 was matched by another $10,000.”

- Rebecca Turner, Executive Director, Grief’s Journey


“Heart, passion, generosity...”

“The heart, passion and generosity of David are second to none.”

 - Chris Gannon, President and Founder, GAME OVER CANCER

Together we can ease suffering, provide hope, and save lives.

Sammy's superheroes

Sammy's superheroes

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The David Spence Cancer Foundation is a Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation and all donations are tax-deductible.


David Spence Cancer Foundation and Lied Transplant Hospital


Thanks to the bone marrow transplant support group held at The Lied Transplant Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska I have made lifelong friends such as yourself. No matter how many doctors, nurses, caregivers or other people are available, having a bone marrow transplant can leave the patient (me) feeling very alone and often times afraid. Meeting in a safe environment at the hospital with other bone marrow transplant patients and caregivers to talk about physical health, graft vs. host, feelings and emotions, fears, spouses/kids or any other topic was so comforting at a very desperate time in my life.  

June 2006 I was admitted into the Lied for an allogeneic (donor) bone marrow transplant, spending 4 months in the hospital. While sick, tired, overwhelmed, and depressed I found attending weekly luncheons to be extremely important in my journey. Talking to other bone marrow transplant patients at various stages showed me there WOULD BE life after transplant. I learned to prepare myself for changes in skin, hair, body shape, and emotions and ways to accommodate a new "normal" in life. I learned that life after transplant could even be BETTER than before. It gave me HOPE, the will to fight, and the desire to live. 

We talked about things that mattered; faith, family, careers, health insurance and finances. We also were able to recognize the time, energy, and love our caregivers provided during their stay in the hospital with us. During those four months, simple routine tasks such as eating, bathing or even going to doctor appointments were extremely challenging. It was reassuring to talk about these challenges with other patients to know I wasn't alone. Now, 8+ years post BMT these friendships continue with staff, other patients and caregivers. Although we are spread out across the United States, technology has made it easy to stay in touch with the people I formed these lifelong friends with. To all bone marrow transplant patients I recommend finding a support group such as the one  held weekly at The Lied.

Each year when I return to The Lied Transplant Hospital for my annual doctor appointments, I schedule on Thursdays to attend the luncheon/support group. Even this many years out, it is still comforting to hear the stories of others and see how they are getting through life after a bone marrow transplant. Most of the time, they are faces I have never seen but it is still a family of survivors. I also hope that my presence can be the light for someone else who may have just had a BMT. Talking about going back to work, being a mom, getting a Master's Degree, or traveling are all things I have been able to do since coming home from transplant.  

It is my prayer that no one give up hope; remain positive, pray often, and find support in others at all times. 

 Lori A. McFate